Thursday, March 4, 2021 09:30 - 10:45

Whether routine preventative deworming regimes for Toxocara in cats and dogs should be used to reduce zoonotic risk, continues to be a subject of much debate. Nurses are on the frontline of giving preventative parasite control advice and it is vital that this is based on the latest evidence to minimise zoonotic risk while ensuring over treatment does not take place . The need for routine year round flea treatment is also fundamental to parasite control protocols in cats and dogs. The benefits of routine flea treatment need to be considered against the possible environmental impact and drug resistance issues that may be associated with long term use. This lecture will lay out the current evidence for year round flea and roundworm control, how zoonotic risks have increased in lockdown, what can be done to limit environmental impact, resistance and maximise treatment compliance.

Dr Ian Wright, Veterinary Surgeon, The Mount Vet Practice